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St Winifred's Home, Clapham Park, Balham

Photograph of St Winifred's Home, Clapham Park, Balham

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St Winifred's Home, Clapham Park, Balham

Clapham Park, Balham, London

(1911 - 1933)

In 1911 the Clapham Home of Rest for Girls Out of Situation was relocated to Thornton Road, Balham and the Home was renamed St Anne's Home for Girls. In 1912 the Home housed 40 girls and was renamed St Winifred's Home in 1914. The Home was one of three London Receiving Homes and took girls over seven who were assessed and then sent to foster parents or a Society Home. St Winifred's also acted as a hostel to girls who had already been placed in service but were suffering from ill health, in the process of moving position or undergoing further training.

In 1921 the St Barnabas' Home For Girls, Newark relocated to St Winifred's. The move was made by char-a-banc which carried both staff and residents to their new Home.

In 1923 the building was bought by the Society and by 1926 St Winifred's functioned as a temporary shelter and additional training Home for Girls, a Receiving Home for children of school age as well as giving shelter to children who came from the country for special medical attention. Some 'old girls' also came to the Home for a holiday 'when they needed it'.

In 1928 St Winfred's housed girls aged 6-13, all of whom worked in the Home's special laundry centre. As well as their own washing, the residents did the laundry of the neighbouring Home of St Peter and St Paul for Babies. The laundry of two Homes was a considerable task and in 1929 the centre was modernized in order to allow its work to be carried out more easily.

St Winifred's Home was renamed Blanche Wimbridge Home for Girls in 1931.

This Home appears to have closed in 1933, as the Annual Report for that year notes that the Home was 'temporarily closed during first part of 1934'. It is unclear whether St Winifred's continued to operate in the same premises, though this seems unlikely.

The 1937 Annual Report records a St Winifred's Laundry Home on Thornton Road but gives no house number and directs all enquiries to Head Office. It is unclear what form, if any, this Home ever took.

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