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St Barnabas' Home For Girls, Newark

Photograph of St Barnabas' Home For Girls, Newark

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St Barnabas' Home For Girls, Newark

Millgate, Newark, Lincolnshire

(1894 - 1921)

On Friday 15 June 1894 the Nottinghamshire Home (Arnold Grove) was transferred to Newark and renamed St Barnabas' Home for Girls. Twenty-three girls and a new Matron called Miss Halmshaw moved in, after a dedication by the Bishop of Derby, Dr Were. The Bishop of Southwell was originally supposed to conduct the ceremony, but he was unfortunately unavailable due to essential business at the House of Lords. Like its predecessor in Nottinghamshire, St Barnabas' was also a training home.

A new dormitory was built in 1897. Many of the girls used their training in laundry to move on to careers as domestic servants. They even had their own member of staff, Mrs Falkner, whose role was to place girls out in service. She worked at the Home, until her untimely death in 1908. The Honorary Secretary during these years was Mrs Hallowes, who resigned in 1918. The Home suffered from a lack of funds during the First World War, closing shortly afterwards in 1921. Residents and staff transferred to St Winifred's, Clapham.

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