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Stockwell Home For Boys

Photograph of Stockwell Home For Boys

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Stockwell Home For Boys

197 Clapham Road, Stockwell, London. SW9

(1914 - 1927)

During the late 1890s the Society realised that it would have to expand rapidly to cope with the number of under-privileged children that it was being asked to help. The Society started to open 'Receiving Homes' - which would house children when they initially come into the care of the Society. Children would then be moved onto other Society homes or placed with appropriate foster parents. Receiving Homes also allowed children that needed emergency accommodation to have shelter immediately. They were usually situated in London where there were a high number of emergency cases.

Stockwell Home for Boys was intended to take the place of Islington Technical Home when that closed in 1913 and moved to Wellingborough. The Society already had similar Receiving Homes in London but always intended starting a home for older boys in South London after the Islington closure. It could be also used for 'old boys' (those that had left the Society's care) that needed somewhere to stay whilst looking for somewhere permanent to live.

The Bishop of Southwark opened Stockwell Home for Boys on 3 June 1914 to a large gathering. The Home was quite capable of providing room, as it was a spacious building. One large room at the Home was used as a depot for the Society. Parcels of gifts from the Society's friends were sent there, unwrapped and sorted, then sent to the relevant homes.

The Home was always busy because of the number of boys coming in and out: none stopping very long. This was temporarily halted during 1916 when the Home was put under quarantine due to a measles epidemic. All movement of children through the Home was stopped until the the Home was passed as free from infection.

The Home received boys from the Peckham Receiving Home For Boys in 1925 and later changed its name to St Cyprian's Home for Boys. It eventually closed two years later.

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